• Easily manage SIMs throughout Africa

    Limit the spend on your IoT and M2M devices

Flickswitch Global

Recharge almost any SIM on any network across the globe.


Make use of our vast network access to manage your devices on over 550 Mobile Operators in over 135 countries across the globe.


With real time integration we offer a host of airtime and data products to provision automatically to your SIM. No vouchers or manual intervention needed.


Its as easy as plug and play. Add your device’s mobile number, select the country & mobile network and you are ready to configure a scheduled recharge rule to auto top-up your SIM.


Prices range from $0.5 to $1.25 per SIM per month to manage the spend on your device through our SIMcontrol platform

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Flickswitch South Africa

We have a solid history in SIM managament in South Africa, offering the SIMcontrol management service including Airtime, Data and SMS bundle recharge capabilities.

Visit www.flickswitch.co.za for more.

Best local rates

Benefit from the best local data and airtime rates on all South African mobile networks.

Save on travel costs

No more driving around or transporting large amounts of cash around to recharge your SIMs. Simply recharge your whole fleet at the touch of a button.

SIM supply & RICA

Flickswitch can also supply you with South African SIM cards and deliver them to your door. We are a RICA agent and will take care of the registration paperwork for you. Or just load your existing SA mobile numbers on our self-service portal and away we go.

Flickswitch Namibia

We have partnered with the leading operator in Namibia, MTC, to offer SIMcontrol and Hotsocket. We also offer recharge capabilities of all other mobile networks in Namibia.

Visit www.flickswitch.co.na for more.

Best coverage

Benefit from the best coverage from our partner MTC, Namibia’s leading mobile network.

Remotely diagnose problems

No more driving hundreds of kilometers to check on a faulty device far out of town; use our remote monitoring capabilities to pro-activly diagnose issues without the need to inspect the device.


Monthly management fees range from NAD 19.00 for just a few SIMs to NAD 12.00 for users with more than a Thousand SIMs. Data bundles starts at NAD 12.00 for 40MB up to NAD 999.00 for 15GB. Billing in 1Kb increments and if you plan to use very little data, out-of-bundle is billed at NAD 0.90/MB.

SIM supply

Flickswitch can also supply you with MTC SIM cards and deliver them to your door. Or just load your existing MTC mobile numbers on our self-service portal and away we go.

If you have African connectivity requirements, get in touch with us to find out what we can offer.

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