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Advanced SIM management system


Eliminate the risk of SIM abuse and save on data and SIM management costs by capping your costs and monitoring usage in real time. Never experience bill shock again.


Sign up online. We will supply SIM cards to your door in bulk, KYC them on your behalf and help with provisioning and activation.


No contract or volume commitments. Pay only for what you need, when you need it – add or remove SIMs managed as needed with the click of a button via a simple online SIM administration system.


Our service uses standard network APN’s ensuring maximum network reliability and uptime. Contact us directly for a fast turnaround on most technical support queries.

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    Our solution is packed with features. Create your own recharge packages that suit your SIM usage. You can get individual SIM information straight from the system and easily export this information to further process in your application of choice. This level of reporting is also extremely useful for trouble-shooting and identifying problem devices or firmware.


    Recharge prepaid SIMs based on customisable rules on any Kenyan mobile network. If you use Airtel you can also monitor airtime and data usage on a daily basis and automatically trigger recharges at specific SIM balances. Extremely competitive roaming options offered in Uganda, South Sudan, Kenya and Rwanda.

    Bulk actions

    Manage your entire base of M2M or IOT SIM cards with a single self-help tool. Ask us to help with bulk KYC requirements and set custom spending caps and SIM-level limits on any group of your SIMs.

    Usage reporting

    Report on the usage of your SIMs – detailed standard reporting includes the day of usage and the amount of usage split between airtime and data.

    Recharge reporting

    Report on the dates, times, bundle types and cost of all of your SIMs going back as far as 6 months.

    SIM cards to suit any need

    We offer normal, micro and nano SIMs on Airtel Kenya at KSh100.00 per SIM.

    We deliver from Nairobi. Courier charges apply. We also take care of bulk KYC registration and SIM activation at KSh 95.00 per SIM.


    sim01 sim02 sim03 sim04

    SIM first generation (1989)

    Actual SIM 2FF [non micro]
    resizable to nanoSIM
    Actual microSIM 3FF
    resizable to nanoSIM
    NanoSIM 4FF

    SIMcontrol Pricing

    We charge a fee per SIM based on the number of SIMs monitored. This fee gives full access to all functionality of our SIMcontrol platform, including the ability to do automatic periodic recharges on all mobile networks and usage-based recharges and daily balance monitoring on Airtel.

    In addition to this monthly fee, we facilitate the online automated purchase of all prepaid products directly from the mobile operators at standard retail rates.

    For larger SIM orders please get in touch with us.

    KSh 0.00 Ex VAT
    1-10 SIMs
    • KSh 0.0 Incl VAT
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    KSh 51.72 Ex VAT
    10-10,000 SIMs
    • KSh 60 Incl VAT
    • .
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    Prepaid data bundle pricing

    We facilitate and simplified buying Airtime from all Kenyan mobile operators – including a range of prepaid data bundles from Airtel Kenya. Just click on the Airtel logo below to see the details.

    Airtel Bundle Rates
  • Size Cost Cost per MB
    50MB (90 Days) Ksh 50.00 Ksh 1.00
    125MB (90 Days) Ksh 100,00 Ksh 0.80
    400MB (90 Days) Ksh 250.00 Ksh 0.63
    3GB (30 Days) Ksh 500,00 Ksh 0.16
    10GB (30 Days) Ksh 1,000.00 Ksh 0.10
    15GB (30 Days) Ksh 1,500.00 Ksh 0.10
    20GB (30 Days) Ksh 2,000.00 Ksh 0.10
    36GB (30 Days) Ksh 3,000.00 Ksh 0.08
    12GB (90 Days) Ksh 3,000.00 Ksh 0.24
    40GB (90 Days) Ksh 6,000.00 Ksh 0.15
    70GB (90 Days) Ksh 9,000.00 Ksh 0.13
    UnlimiNET 500 Monthly (30 Days) Ksh 500.00 Ksh 1.0
    UnlimiNET 1000 Monthly (30 Days) Ksh 1,000.00 Ksh 0.49
    UnlimiNET 2000 Monthly (30 Days) Ksh 2,000.00 Ksh 0.49


    *Airtime, UnilimiNET and Data Bundles billed at standard cost.

    *Bundle expiry rules differ per network and bundle type – please check with network or ask us.

    *Guide only, subject to change at any time.

    *Billing in 10Kb increments.

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